Biochar is the name given to charcoal made from plant materials and wood in the same way an ordinary charcoal is made with controlled burning or roasting in the absence of oxygen, known as pyrolysis. This is usually ground into small particles.

The charcoal is then inoculated with microbial mixtures and nutrients. This is known as activating or charging the biochar. By adding the outflow from the RaCBio system eg. proteins & nutrients, we can produce feeding char and Terra Preta.

Benefits of Biochar

The enthusiastic advocates claim that adding biochar to soil will:

  • Increase soil fertility and nutrient availability producing better crops.
  • Increase the microbial flora and fauna of the soil.
  • Stabilize soils and after using for a number of years or adding a sufficient amount, produce a permanent change in the soil as with the fertile Amazonian Terra Preta black earth.