a) Provide agricultural producers with more domestic options for fertilizer and nutrient alternatives.

NPK 75 is a climate safe alternative, can be applied as a foliar spray that is immediately absorbed and accessed at a cellular level through the surface/leaves of plants, that is less expensive, requires fewer applications, eliminates leeching and other harms to the soil, decreases the use of water and pesticides, decreases growing season and increases productivity of crop yields by up to 50%. These are all wins for agricultural producers. Getting uptake of a new product that can replace or dramatically reduce the volume of NPK needed, is a challenge.

NPK 75 is a combination product that rebuilds soils over a shorter time frame while maintaining all the benefits described. NPK 75 has already been through two test seasons with US and European farmers and found a high level of support and use of the product. The test sites have demonstrated all the positives about the effectiveness of a nano-sized chelated mixture of 78 trace minerals as a climate-safe alternative for agricultural producers.

     b) Reduce the impacts of climate change through the manufacturing and processing of or the use of sustainable, innovative, increased, and efficient fertilizer and nutrient alternatives production and use.

As described above, NPK 75 is an exciting and innovative alternative to synthetic fertilizers. It has no harmful by-products produced during manufacturing; is much simpler and faster to manufacture than tradition NPK; requires only 3 applications per crop cycle; reduces greenhouse gases by reducing the production of nitrous oxide (300 times more harmful that carbon dioxide) from NPK use; and rebuilds the soil while producing healthier crops with more nutrients for consumption.

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