Biomass Park Helm, Fresno, CA

In the 7,000m2 we can fit 20 x RaCBio30 biomass units

Processing biomass (soft material) 200ton/day input 76,650ton/year

– feedstock agreement must be fore more than this


Produce RNG 507,9 mmbtu / year RNG (Gj = mmbtu)

RaCBio30 x 20

Animal feed 25 800ton/year or 70ton/day

Nutrient that we mix with biochar 28 800m3 or 80m3/day


Biogas to RNG

The gas scrubber will site next to gas-line and we feed into it directly

Jobs 50 -people 3 shifts

Biochar plant

In 27,000 we need 50% of it for silage

Balance we need for biochar

10 x Vario XL biochar retort – continues

Operate 20hr/day

Using 10x Vario XL continuous system processing :

Input material hard wood & fruit nuts & shells

·        54,000 ton material/year or

·        4,500t/month or

·        147 ton/day

 Output – produce:

·        27,000 m3/ year

·        2,250m3/month or

·        74m3/day

Sales price @ range between $70 – 38 per kg 30% bulk price = $12/kg or $1200/ton

Will sell 20% of production as biochar mix rest 1:20:1 – biochar:protein:nutients to produce tera-preta

Can sell 8,500 ton/year biochar or activated carbon @ $1200/ton


Note: our output is limited to total protein from RaCBio = +-26,000ton/ so we can only use 1408 ton per year (20%) to produce tera-preta total production is thus caped at 30’986ton/year