Otto Hager

Otto Hager is Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of Veritas Group Limited and is based in South Africa. He joined the company after spending 10 years at the Electrical Supply Commission of South Africa (ESCOM), the country’s national utility. He has also created three companies in the energy efficiency and renewable energy sectors. Over the last 30 years, Otto has served as the CEO and board member of several companies. He has been involved in renewable energy projects ranging from retrofitting to biomass, solar and solar nitrogen.

He earned a Bachelor’s of Commerce degree in Business Science & Economics and a Bachelor’s Degree Honors in Energy Economics – cum laude from the University of South Africa and the University of Johannesburg.

He has travelled extensively throughout Europe and Africa and knows the region’s needs and challenges with respect to water, food and energy. He is passionate about the quest to make energy available and affordable to everyone who resides in third world countries.

He enjoys sport mountain biking and is a keen CrossFit athlete.