Veritas Group Limited is in the process to start it’s first US Biomass Plant project in Central California.


The 7,000m  2 property has ample space to fit 20 RaCBio30 Biomass Reactor units, processing 200 tons/ day of Biomass feed, producing 510 MMBtu/ year of RNG.

The Gas Scrubber will sit next to a gas-line we can feed into it directly. This will create jobs for 50 people on three shifts.

Biochar Plant

Using 10 Vario XL Retort units, can process 54,000 ton material/ year, or 4,500 ton/ month, or 147 ton/ day. This will produce 27,000 m  3/ year, or 2,250 m  3/ month, or 74 m  3/ day.

Out of the 27,000 m  3 produced, we will use 50% for silage and 50% to produce Biochar.

Biomass Reactor

20 RaCBio30 units can process 25,700 ton/ year, or 70 ton/ day, we will mix with 28,000 m  3, or 80 m  3/ day of Biochar.